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Human resources management

AVENS work focuses on the following areas:



Employee recruitment

Drafting of employment contracts: choice of type of contract, with particular attention to the drafting of key clauses in employment contracts: working time, remuneration, mobility, non-compete clauses.

Drafting of employment contracts in specific fields: journalists, freelances, real estate negotiators, athletes (football/rugby players, etc.)
Recommendations for delegations of authority

Implementation of expatriation and secondment solutions, if necessary in cooperation with partners in our Concerto network

During employment

Amendments to employment contract to reflect career progress or changes to the law or collective agreements

Processing of individual workplace health issues (incapacity, extended illness, workplace accidents, harassment, unpleasant working conditions)

In cases of potential conflict, definition of a pre-litigation strategy: pre-emption or heading-off of conflicts, protection of employer interests if the conflict cannot be avoided (drafting of correspondence and implementation of disciplinary measures)

Termination of employment

Implementation of individual termination proce¬dures, term¬ination by negotiation procedures, and, if applicable, settlement agreements: risk assessments, decision support, legal safeguarding of decisions, representation before labour tribunals in the event of litigation (labour tribunals, labour divisions of the appeals courts and Supreme Court, the Social Security Affairs Court and the Journalists’ Arbitration Commission.


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