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Banking and insurance

AVENS assists and represents, in an advisory capacity and litigation, financial institutions, investment or retail banks, insurance companies and pension institutions.



  • Assisting investment banks with legal arrangements for their buy-outs.
  • Assistance in ensuring the legal safety of investors
  • Drafting of contracts, memos and records
  • Assistance in checking advertising, communication and marketing campaigns and marketing of banking, financial and insurance products
  • Support and assistance for our clients in their relations and negotiations with consumer associations, for example on bank charges
  • Audit of legal risks in the pension activity
  • Regular training on money laundering or criminal risk for lawyers, operational staff or management of companies in the sector
  • Assistance for the implementation of centralised processing of bank customer complaints,for example when a financial investment under-performs
  • Recommendations on how to approach a criminal trial (of a pensions firm or bank) depending on the type of offence and its seriousness.


The firm is involved in defence and claim proceedings in banking and insurance law on a daily basis

  • Competition: Assistance and representation on state subsidies, abuse of dominant position and price-fixing at European Commission, Office of Fair Trading and Court hearings
  • Assistance and representation of institutions before independent public authorities: the AMF (Financial Market Authority), ACP (Bank and Insurance Regulator)
  • Corporate criminal law AVENS assists and represents companies in criminal law in the courts as the accused or plaintiff:
  • Civil: Assistance and representation in civil or commercial court for litigation involving:
  • Contractual liability and tortious liability
  • Failure to inform, advise or warn
  • Opt-out litigation
  • Manifestly excessive premiums
  • Implementation of safeguards

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