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Sabine Alix


Private law

Professional background

Oath-taking : February 2000

Areas of practice

Social law, corporate law, commercial law
Client profile: SME


Sabine Alix holds a Master’s degree in civil and commercial obligations and has been a lawyer at the Paris Bar since 2000.

She joined AVENS Lehman & Associés in 1999 as an intern and became a member of staff after taking her oath.

Her seniority and extensive experience allows her to work in all areas of social law, assisting businesses in their individual and collective employment relations, in both an advisory capacity and litigation.

Sabine Alix also has solid experience in corporate law, and assists business leaders in acquisitions, fund-raising and restructuring operations. While handling these operations, she applies this two-fold expertise to the social law issues which generally arise in these circumstances, particularly in the case of acquisition audits.

In this capacity, she occasionally works with Hortense de Saint Remy, a partner at the firm.

More generally speaking, Ms Alix manages the day-to-day legal issues of businesses in terms of contract negotiation, subcontracting, commercial leases and management leases.


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